Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Special thanks to Atom Smasher, for the Re-Ignition

So I have been pretty dormant the last couple of years with regards to gaming and modeling.
In the last year and half I have moved 3 times, had 3 job changes, dealt with a serious family illness, refurbished (minor) and sold a house. 
Sadly, it left me little time for gaming or the desire to do anything gaming related. It seemed that the blazing fire for gaming had gone out, leaving just a slowly dying ember. 

However over the last couple of months the flame has been re-ignited.  The new releases from Games Workshop, Wizards of the Coast and Infinity Miniatures have peaked my interest again.  Also I been having the urge to build terrain.
Bust most of all, I would like to especially thank Atom Smasher at Tabletop Minions.

Atom has been a great motivator for me, reminded me what fun the hobby can be and why I got into it.  I highly recommend his vlog. 
And baking soda? who knew! great tip 

Miniature Scenery!

So I have checking out the Miniature Scenery website for quite sometime, and I am always amazed at the stuff  I find there and the value. 

Take for example the ARF Trak, it's only $29!.. and its really cool.
Or this awesome flying machine (Tornadodo); good for any Sci-fi based game, and its only $40.
This would be a great kit to review! 
Miniature war gaming Sure have come a long way from this;

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Web Surfing and Alternative Models

So the best part of playing with tabletop and RPG miniatures, is checking out the new cool miniatures. I am always looking for alternative models and Scenery.

Well I found some really good ones!
awesome site! all kinds of cool alternative models for 40k.  I especially like the weapons and turrets.  I may use these for when I build my Land Raiders MK1's and variants. Also there are some great conversion material her.

Quantum Gothic
Just some really, really cool terrain pieces that would work really well with the 40K universe and its Gothic feel. 

Scibor Miniatures
Just some really nice work here, especially like the Dwarves (female and male). I could use them for alternative rpg characters. 

Statuesque Miniatures
The female resistance fighters are awesome, could be great to use as female shock troops to support your sisters of battle.  Also some great female heads here for heroic 28mm conversions. 

Hi Tech Miniatures
Incredible stylized miniatures, they would be great for a patriarch or for character models in 40k.

Miniature Scenery 
Just some really good, durable and nice terrain for your gaming table. 
As always there is still quite a bit of stuff out there on the inter-webs, and I will be adding more as I find it.
Great cnc buildings for multitude types of games