Saturday, November 24, 2018

Iona Starkiller

Hasslefree has awesome miniatures, great for role playing and such. However this one just screams Warhammer 40k.  The stance, detail and look, Iona Star killer definitely screams Aeldari.  I wish that Games Workshop would occasionally provide stats for outstanding figures created by other manufacturers. I know that this would violate many laws, business principles and open a Pandora’s Box of IP issues.  However it would be so cool for them to say “Hey this miniature so fits into our IP, that we acknowledge the craftsmanship and would like it to be a part of the 40K Universe.  If ever there was a miniature that would adopted, I feel that Iona would be that miniature.  

40K Kill Team 2018

I mentioned before, my hobby is pretty stagnant and I am working revitalizing my drive.  In the past it was so daunting to paint an entire 40k army, multiple vehicles, Troops and Headquarters.  I would usually burn out and stop painting. In addition I had always like the skirmish level games, primarily for the cost of entry and secondary the time it took to play a game.  I started playing 40K with the original 1987 Warhammer 40K, Rogue Trader.  So in July when Games Workshop re- re-released 40K Kill Team, I was encouraged to start again.  I think the smaller squad sizes will help me get started and transition into the larger armies.  Not mention I can assemble 14 of the 16 factions, several time over. I think I will start with my first love; the Eldar, Aeldari or the Asuryani from the Craftworld.Ulthwe’.

Sad State of Affairs

When asked about my hobbies, I always answer I am a miniature painter, a role playing and war gamer.   I am proud of my hobby and always trying to get others interested. However the constant moving, downsizing of living space and lack of focus has serious affected my hobby. Over the years I have continued to purchase miniatures, boxed sets and games, only to never finish or in some case never begin them.  Although I Dungeon Master semi frequently, I haven’t played a game of 40k in over 6 years.  During that time I have amassed more paint, more brushes and supplies, only to let them set in their bins and cases. Which leads me to ask “Am I really a miniature painter?” and “Can I really consider myself a wargamer?”  My workspace has been torn down, moved and relocated so many times it is no longer organized or even functional.

As you can see, it’s a mess and when I work on stuff I am not focused. Projects seem to never get done. I watch a lot of youtube videos by Miniac, Uncle Atom, Warhammer TV and Sorastro, only to never pick up a brush. And I must admit when I see all my unpainted miniatures, it seems my love of war gaming and miniatures becomes more of an obligation than a passion.  My war gaming has become a Sad State of Affairs and I think it is time to refocus.  I have always found that I function well with a list, a set expectation, designated time allowance and accountability.  The next couple of months maybe a little strange as I try to sort things out, and develop a plan.  However I think I will start with a list, first of all will be to clean up my workspace and get a little more organized. As for the accountability portion, that will be this blog.