Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Special thanks to Atom Smasher, for the Re-Ignition

So I have been pretty dormant the last couple of years with regards to gaming and modeling.
In the last year and half I have moved 3 times, had 3 job changes, dealt with a serious family illness, refurbished (minor) and sold a house. 
Sadly, it left me little time for gaming or the desire to do anything gaming related. It seemed that the blazing fire for gaming had gone out, leaving just a slowly dying ember. 

However over the last couple of months the flame has been re-ignited.  The new releases from Games Workshop, Wizards of the Coast and Infinity Miniatures have peaked my interest again.  Also I been having the urge to build terrain.
Bust most of all, I would like to especially thank Atom Smasher at Tabletop Minions.

Atom has been a great motivator for me, reminded me what fun the hobby can be and why I got into it.  I highly recommend his vlog. 
And baking soda? who knew! great tip 

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