Monday, December 29, 2008

The Elusive Wave Serpent

I had put this post on another blog ealier, however it seems more appropriate here. There is more to the story and at the end of this blog.

May - 2006

I remember the first time I saw a wave serpent. It was the old Armorcast Wave Serpent affectionately known as "The Iron", because it looked well like a steam iron. I remember thinking to myself well, just "ewww". To me personally it just wasn't that cool looking and I really didn't think I would ever need it. However, to be perfectly honest, I was winding up my gaming days and recently married. So I really wasn't too interested in anything other than my beautiful bride.

Well thirteen years later, I was back in the gaming circle again. As before, I was intrigued with Eldar army list. So after reading the 'Craftworld' codex it became pretty apparent to me, I needed a wave serpent, maybe two. So I began looking for serpents on the internet.

I discovered that a new version of the serpent was offered by 'Forgeworld'. It was very nice and very expensive (I am very cheap by the way), so it was out of my league. So I began looking for "The Iron", hoping that someone would part with one (cheap). It was during my search that I began to appreciate the old design. Unfortunately, there weren't any "Irons" to be had anywhere. So that left me with one option, to build one. I went back to the internet.

I discovered three really good examples for reference. The first one was shown in an issue of 'White Dwarf' magazine. It was nice, but looked a little off to me. The second, was an outstanding 40k version of the epic wave serpent scaled to 40k, by Carl Woodrow. The third, was an beautiful Roy Bann version painted by the talented Agis Neugebauer. Inspired, I began to design. I liked the clean looks of the Roy Bann energy prow shields, but also thought 'The Forgeworld' Serpent was more in line with the Eldar technology. And yet, Agis' wave serpent kept creeping into my design. And well, I have to admit the shear strength of design and continuity to the epic scale of Carl's serpent really appealed to me.
So after several attempts to combine all these elements, I had a plan. I would use a falcon, plastic spoons, plastic card and green stuff to create my wave serpent. I would work to create this masterpiece and it would "wow" my friends. Opponents would be in awe of its approach. I would have the perfect wave serpent.

So I began creating this wave serpent of renown. I glued, sanded, marked, scribed, puttied and primed. So after several weeks of hard work and sweat I finally took a good look at my wave serpent. It was SAD, this poor serpent would never be allowed to see the light of day. I had a reputation to think of and friends to keep. It was at best a falcon with spoons glued on it. At worst, a monstrosity of plastic, a silent testimony to my lack of design skills. I was back to square one.

I began searching the internet again. Still I had no luck finding a serpent. I began to comtemplate re-tooling my army list to exclude the serpent. However, just when I had began to give up hope, I heard the news that GW was going to market their own serpent.

Now sometime later, I own two of these beauties. I say that for two reasons. First it is within my price range for the piece. Second, it incorporates much of what I liked about the 'Forgeworld' kit. However, I still wish some things were different. The turret for instance, is not as sleek or clean as the 'Forgeworld' kit. But overall,it is a fine vessel and it will serve my 'Craftworld' well. And as far my version of the Eldar wave serpent, it is rotting in the closet very nicely.

Dec. 29, 2008

So now I have four wave serpents, and I will soon be adding another. Why so many serpents Sherpa, are you crazy?.

Well 3 of the serpents will be pulling double duty, as a cloudstrike squadron. I am using magnets I bought from Amazing Magnets to make energy wave generators optional.
Since I like the extended cab and spoiler, I left them on. Overall I think it has a great look, and its cost effective.

Just a note: I have three turrets from earlier falcon models, two were converted to wave serpents when GW offered the 'Wave Serpent Sprues', and the other was from the failed wave serpent project.
The best buy for a wave serpent if you can find it, is the one which has the five Dire Avengers in it. Lots of good sprues and every Eldar player can use the extra avengers.

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